Google AdSense, a popular and leading advertising network for publishers. Helping publishers monetize their online content and generate profit through their work. I have been with AdSense and monetized my content. But, after a long journey with AdSense and other monetization networks, I am going to answer a question that is frequently asked by some bloggers. Yesterday, a friend of me, asked the question, and I just felt worried and kept thinking about the question.

I got up early in the morning, and I thought to present my views on that in the form of a blog post! I hope you’ll like my answer:

Is AdSense better for me ?!

Before I answer that question, I’ll ask a few counter questions 🙂

#1. How is your blog design?

AdSense can help you generate huge or expected profit only when your blog has an optimized design. Get an optimized theme or template for your blog and then you can expect good income from AdSense.

Optimized blog design is necessary to get your Adsense revenue optimized!


AdSense is better for you only, when:

  • Your blog has an optimized and responsive design.
  • Your blog has an easy to navigate system. It increases the page views per visitor (PPV) and helps your blog grow revenue.

#2. What about the blog traffic?

Its simple, the more traffic or viewers you have, more will be the revenue generated from AdSense. However, sometimes, massive traffic also fails to produce the expected revenue. It’s because, for any keyword or topic, there is a different CPC (Cost per click) for any area/location or country. The top CPC holding countries are USA, Canada, UK, etc.

AdSense is better for you only, when:

  • You’ve good traffic from search engines; I mean organic traffic.
  • You’ve most of the traffic from the top CPC holding countries.
  • You’ve real human traffic, make sure that the traffic is not coming from spammy referrals, i.e., bot traffic.

#3. What is your main/Primary Keyword’s CPC

  • If your primary/main keyword is right, I mean if it has high CPC (Cost Per Click) and weak competition, that’s great.
  • And if you’ve chosen a low CPC holding keyword OR a competitive one, you’ll not be able to get the expected revenue.

I’ve written a guest post on Saurabh’s blog, where I shared a short guide on how to choose the right Keyword.

Wrapping Up

At last, I would say, AdSense is better for you and your business only when you have a good amount of traffic from high CPC countries. To generate the expected income from AdSense, you’ve to work smarter. Keep trying new ways and you’ll be able to achieve the goals.